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Coke Cans Voicemail

I love this. Coca-Cola has opted to remove voicemail from the phones in their Atlanta headquarters in the interest of increasing productivity. Possibly the worst of all the “mails” voicemail is a major pain in numerous ways, and I would assume most people out there ignore it anyway. At Coke now, if someone calls you […]

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Keurig is Trying To Knock Off the Knockoffs

Back in 2006, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters acquired Keurig, the company that invented quick-brewing, single-serve coffee machines. It has been a great deal for Green Mountain, so great that they have changed their name to Keurig Green Mountain and entered into a huge partnership with Coca-Cola. There are more than 20 million Keurig machines in […]

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The Blogging Bible, Courtesy of Josh Brown

The post I link to below is not new, but hopefully it is to you. As I try to ease back into a more regular posting schedule, I can’t think of anything that encapsulates what kind of content resonates with me more than this post by Josh Brown on his excellent financial blog The Reformed […]

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