Staples to Shut 225 Stores to Trim $500 Million in Costs

The retailer is facing increased threats from Internet-based rivals such as Inc., a challenge that spurred Office Depot Inc. to merge with OfficeMax Inc. last year. Staples said sales in its fiscal first quarter will fall from a year earlier, the fifth straight quarterly decline, and profit will be as much as 22 cents a share, trailing analysts’ 27-cent average estimate.

Staples’ sales slowdown “reflects both tough industry conditions and underperformance” by the chain, Denise Chai, an analyst with Bank of America Corp. in New York, wrote in a note to clients today. She has the equivalent of a sell rating on the shares.

It’s hard to compete with Amazon when you have the weight of 1200 stores holding you down like an anchor. This move might ultimately be good for those that don’t mind being forced online and require no interaction with the supplier.

For those that need a more sophistication from their office supplier, my best advice is to seek out a local, independent dealer. They’ll take far better care of you and their prices aren’t any higher. You’ll wish you had done it sooner.

This Rewritable Paper Uses Water Instead Of Ink And Each Piece Of Paper Over And Over

While it is true we print less and less all the time, this is still a lot of paper.

Why Nothing Apple Does Is Ever Good Enough on why it seems Wall Street is never impressed with Apple’s seemingly impressive quarterly earnings reports:

On Monday, after the markets closed, Apple reported its most recent quarterly earnings, and investors responded by dumping their shares. The company’s stock price dropped as much as 9 percent in after-hours trading. With most companies, such a sell-off comes after a big loss, tepid projections for the future, or quarterly numbers that failed to meet the expectations of Wall Street analysts. But in Apple’s case, it arrived after the company reported $13.1 billion in profits on sales of $57.6 billion, beating the Street’s consensus.

The numbers are eye-popping, yes…but even at those lofty heights, growth is flat overall and investors seem to be wondering how Apple could possibly keep it up. Or better yet, do even better.